How to create a Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme

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We create PSD to Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme. Here is how we can do it fast.

Install WordPress on your server or localhost using Wamp or Xamp.
Next download the Bootstrap Twitter Framework that you can get from

Extract the bootstrap zip in your wp-content/themes folder.

Now rename it to the name you want the theme to be.

Open style.css and add on top of it the following information.

Theme Name: WordPress Bootstrap Theme
Theme URI:
Description: WordPress Bootstrap Theme
Author: Zac Gordon
Author URI:
Version: 1.0
Tags: responsive wordpress, wordpress bootstrap Theme


Create an index.php file. Now with index.php and style.css created you can go ahead and activate this theme from WordPress Admin. Appearance -> Themes.

You can add the bootstrap Html in the index.php and it will reflect on the WordPress front end. Apply the PSD Design in this file following the bootstrap framework standards.
Split the index.php into header.php , footer.php and sidebar.php and include them using get_header(), get_footer(), get_sidebar()

From this you can create the remaining files of WordPress like single.php, page.php, archieve.php and other page templates as required etc.